People think that stuffing a chicken breast might seem like an elaborate thing to do, something best done during the holiday. But it is really an easy way to elevate a rush-hour dinner. This recipe is case in point, as a mixture of stir-fried bell peppers, lettuce and some delicious sauce, gravy or lack there off depending on one’s preference. 

2 tablespoons Olive oil 

1 tablespoon ground beef

1 Chicken Breast

½ tablespoon spiiCery Organic Stew Powder

¼ teaspoon spiiCery Organic Scotch Bonnet

½ tablespoon spiiCery Organic Suya Powder

½ teaspoon salt

½ tablespoon chives

½ cup red bell peppers

½ cup green bell peppers

½ cup yellow bell peppers

½ cup red onions 

1 cup shredded lettuce

Pre-heat oven at 350

Pre-heat skillet add oil and chopped bell peppers and red onions. 

Sprinkle some salt and continuously stir for 5mins.
Plate on a shredded lettuce.

Slice chicken breast in half, place shredded beef in between, add chive
 then sprinkle some organic stew powder, Scotch bonnet, salt and Suya powder. 
Use a toothpick to fasten the breast, then rob spiiCery Organic Suya Powder on both sides and place on a pre-heated skillet. Leave for 2-3mins on both sides and Place in the oven for 10mins.

Once cooked slice and place on the plated veggies.