Organic Stew Powder

What a great product this is. This multipurpose stew powder is a Tomato based Powder made from all organic natural sweet tomatoes as well as our family secret condiments. This great product is simply 100% authentic and natural dehydrated sun-dried tomatoes. This is ease when it comes to making a sweet tasting paste or sauce in a matter of minutes. No more mess, no more waste from opening cans of tomato paste only to use a portion and letting the rest go unused and eventually discarded.


All the ingredients used in making this product are proudly grown in the U.S. The base used are tomatoes which are picked at full maturity then sun dried. There are many options however many of them are substandard. The drying process does not take away that incredible freshness. With zero artificial food coloring or preservative, its taste, flavor and aroma are quite impeccable. It took years to get it to perfection and above all getting it right.


In sum, this is the “oh soo” easy to use product and very delicious too! It is a versatile organic stew powder that is perfect for making pasta, rice, or any meal that requires a tomato base or garnish.
It can be used as a thickener in gumbo, sauces, soups and stews. In addition, it can be sprinkled on sandwiches, chili, eggs, dressings, fish, tacos, pizza, salad or vegetables. Its use is also good as dry rub for meats because when properly infused it unleashes juices beyond one’s imagination.

Organic Stew Powder