EGG DROP SOUP Hot and Spicy

Soups do act as appetizer before a meal, and it can also aid with food digestion. The one important thing is that to stay warm in a cold weather might lie in a hot and spicy bowl of soup. Which is why, the egg drop soup is an amazing bowl that acts as an appetizer and the recipe for warmth when it is cold. It takes less than 15mins to prepare.

1 Cup Beef or Chicken Broth 

1 egg

A pinch spiiCery Organic Scotch Bonnet


½ tablespoon corn starch 

1 tablespoon chopped chives (optional)


Pour broth into a pot and bring it to a boil.

Mix corn starch with water and add to the boiling broth.

Add a pinch of spiiCery Organic Scotch Bonnet and stir, then add the salt and stir.

Crack the egg and whisk, and gently pour into the boiling broth while stirring. Once done, allow to boil for 1min.

Pour into a soup bowl and add the chopped chives for aroma and flavor.