CHICKEN WRAP with spiiCery Organic Suya Spice

Chicken wraps are so easy to make, they are a hit if prepared properly. My recommendation is for people to pay more attention to the seasoning of whichever kind of meat they are utilizing. spiiCery Organic Suya spice was used for this dish, it highlighted the chicken taste; by making it so flavorful. For this chicken wrap I made it so simple, yet very tantalizing. 
Sonia Heselton

2 garden spinach wraps

1 tablespoon spiiCery Organic Suya Spice

¼ teaspoon spiiCery Organic Scotch Bonnet

½ cup thinly sliced red bell pepper


1 cup cabbage

1 tablespoon mayo

½ teaspoon sugar


Pre-heat oven 350 

In a bowl with chicken thigh fillet, rub spiiCery Organic Suya spice on it. Add some salt and into the oven or grill it goes.

Get a separate bowl and combine chopped cabbage, mayo and sugar mix in properly.

Once the chicken is cooked for about 20mins, allow to rest for 2-3mins.

Time to layer the wraps with coleslaw (cabbage mixture), bell peppers, sliced grilled chicken, ketchup and dust some spiiCery Organic Scotch Bonnet for some heat.

Gently roll the wrap and then place on a preheated skillet or grill for some char and or grill marks. And voila, your five-star chicken wrap is ready!