Thin skewers
1 pack thinly sliced Ribeye
1 bottle spiiCery Barbecue Suya Rub
¼ teaspoon salt (Optional)
1 cup sliced Tomato (Optional)
½ cup sliced red Onion (Optional)
• Preheat oven at 375oc or fire up the grill
• Pour ¾ bottle of spiiCery Barbecue Suya Rub on a flat surface, preferably on foil paper. Add a         pinch ¼ teaspoon salt depending on your salt preference and mix together.
• Spread the mix on the flat surface
• Insert 2-3 thin sliced ribeye on each skewer
• Now make sure each beef skewer is generously covered with the Suya powder. Achieving         this process requires one to flip the skewer back and forth on the flat surface
• Squirt or drizzle some oil on the fully covered beef skewers on both sides
• If one is using an oven, please place beef on a nonstick baking rack and place on a baking         tray. This process allows the beef/Suya to roast properly by allowing the moisture from the         beef drip into the baking tray. Leave in the oven for about 10-15mins.
• For that traditional Suya taste, lift the beef skewers and make then tilt at a 90 to 180-degree         angle and squirt some more oil. Leave in the oven for another 8-15mins depending on how         juicy or crispy one would love it to be.
• Once roasting is complete sprinkle some more spiiCery Barbecue Suya Rub. Garnish with         some sliced tomato and red onions (optional) and voila! Suya is served!

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