Tired of Having the Flavorless Spices? Learn the Ways to Keep Them Fresh!

Do you have spices that are lying in your kitchen cabinets for long? Do you want to know either they’re perfect or have gone bad? Every spice has a different degree of getting flavorless, some of them lose their flavor after 6 months while others remain flavorful for more than a year. Are you interested in knowing when spices get bad and how to keep your spices fresh? Then keep on reading!

Spices usually don’t get worse but they do change their flavor. The flavorful span of spice depends on which spices are they (grounded or not) and how you have stored them. Here are some of the ways through which you can keep your spices fresh.

  • Keep the spices sealed.

Do you know what volatility is? It’s the chemical characteristic of aromatic flavor spices to just vanish into the air. It is mostly observed in dry spices. It occurs slowly but it does occur with time. The more the spices are exposed to air, the more their flavor escapes out. Have you ever noticed that the black pepper in your salt cellar is lacking the flavor? Why is it so? It’s because the salt cellar has small openings through which air comes in contact with the spice and it starts losing its flavor. The simple way to keep your spices fresh and tasteful in to keep them in airtight jars or bags so that they are tightly sealed and air doesn’t find its way of getting in contact with the spices.

  • Keep the whole spices.

You might find it easy to use the ground spices but it’s better to use the whole ones. During the grinding process, the ground spices’ volatile flavors have been in contact with the air due to which they might lose their flavor faster. But whole seeds hold onto their flavor for a longer time. At SpiiCery, we freshly ground our spices and hold their peak flavor for about 6 months to a year. While the whole spices can be stored in your cabinet for about 2 years before losing their flavor.

  • Keep them away from warmth.

You might know this but still, it’s necessary to remind you again so that you can keep your spices fresh. Do ever place your spices in areas where there is warmth. For example, near or above the stove. If you would keep your spices in areas where there is heat/warmth, your spices will get humidity. Now you must be thinking where should keep them, right? It’s best to keep them in dry, cool areas like cabinets but don’t forget that there should be no humidity. If you will keep them at a place where there is even a little moisture, they will be clumped up in the jar because of the absorbed moisture from the air.

  • Place them in a light-free zone.

We get it, you might want to display your spice jars open so that people coming over to your place might appreciate your extensive culinary collection. Everyone wants this. But unfortunately, light bleaches out the vibrant colors from the spices like mustard powder, paprika, and red chili powder, etc. some of the seasonings like Asafetida that you rarely use, they are not that susceptible to bleaching effect and tend to spend more time in their jars without being used up.

  • Grind your spices in the traditional mortar.

You can grind your spices into the electric grinder, but you may not get the best flavors when you grind your spices in it. Also, it’s very difficult to get rid of the aroma of the spices after grinding them into the electric grinder. While in the traditional pestle and mortar, you can grind the spices well and get the flavorful grounded spices out of it. You can also use it for making chili paste, pesto, and other sauces. Micro planes are another good way of grounding your spices. They are not just for zesting citrus; they can be perfectly used for powdering the cinnamon sticks and whole nutmeg.

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