Premium Quality Spices

Welcome to SpiiCery, the renowned purveyors of premium quality spices. For twenty years, we’ve been amplifying your cookery with bold flavors, vibrant colors, and delicious aromas. We outsource our botanicals directly from the growers to provide you with the freshest, unblended, and superior quality spices, blends, and seasonings!

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Explore a new flavor. Learn about a new ingredient.

We’re not just the spice manufacturers – we specialize in sophisticated blending and seasonings! Whether you have a recipe in mind that you want to re-create or you are looking for specified spices and seasoning line, our artisans will find the right solution to meet your needs. Let our sumptuous flavors inspire your taste!

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Premium Quality

We are dedicated to providing premium quality spices, seasonings, and custom blends to everyone who wants to spice up their cuisine. We are proud of our product sourcing process.


All Spices

Looking for ordinary spices, custom-blends, or seasonings – we’ve got you covered. We have everything from barbecue suya rub to tomato stew powder to the hot scotch bonnet.


Spice Sauces

Sauces are one of the best ways to add an extra flavor to your cuisine but it’s not always easy to find out the best sauces available. At SpiiCery, we provide you with all types of spice sauces to meet all your needs. All of our sauces are naturally-made, locally sourced and are free from artificial ingredients.


Premium Taste

Tired of having the usual condiments and seasonings? You’re in the right place. At SpiiCery, we provide our customers with the perfect blend of spices to give their food – a premium taste. All of our spices are made of superior, expertly sourced and ground at peak freshness, making us your forever choice for spices!


Flavors Nationwide

No matter where you are, just let us know and your spices will be right there. SpiiCery is not just a spice shop, we have been providing custom mix, seasonings with a variety of flavors from all over to our customers. Just let us know what you need and it is right there for you!


Powder Spices


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