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We strongly believe that eating healthy is very important, but knowing and appreciating the source of foods, spices and seasonings are more crucial than we can imagine. Most people spend so much buying foods, and condiments without knowing their sources and how they are made. The human mind has been conditioned to get the best cars, homes, cloths etc. and understand their specifications, features and grade. We strive to maintain them too by not missing an oil change, car inspection, home renovation and other maintenances. While it isn’t bad to know those things, it is very imperative that we know what we eat, and we understand the processes in which they are made. We should strive to pamper our inner bodies regardless of the cost by not just visiting the doctor’s office but eating right and deliciously so too. Beside we come first before any material item.

Our biggest mission when we set up spiiCery was to make other people as passionate about organic foods, spices and seasonings as we are. And that is still our biggest mission today.

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spiiCery Cooking Class

When: September 21, 2019Where: White Plains NY, 10607Price: See Details

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Let's Talk Organic

When: October 24, 2019Where: White Plains, NY 10607Price: See Details

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Holly Healthy Holiday

When: December 02, 2019Where: White Plains, NY 10607Price: See Details



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If you are looking for a true spice to add some kick to your meal. Try the African Black Pepper and you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend!


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